Friends of the koala

Each year Friends of the Koala rescues more than 350 sick, injured and orphaned koalas rescued in NSW. Our 24/7 Rescue Hotline receives calls from members of the public who either need advice or encounter a sick, injured, or orphaned koala within the Northern Rivers region. Trained rescue volunteers attend the location and after a thorough assessment of the situation undertake the rescue. Once carefully contained, koalas are transported to our Koala Hospital for treatment.

On admittance at our Koala Hospital, koalas are assessed and treated by vet staff. If prognosis is poor, koalas are euthanased to prevent further suffering.

Koalas can be in rehabilitation anywhere from a couple of hours to several months, depending on the case. While in care, koalas are monitored daily and receive specialised veterinary treatment.

Upon release, koalas undergo a final vet check. Depending on the length of their rehabilitation, koalas may need to be transferred to a soft release enclosure where they can learn to climb and regain muscle strength before their eventual return to the wild.

In most cases, koalas are released back to their home range. If we are unable to return them to the exact tree from which they were rescued, we release them as close to that tree as possible.

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