Zenani was adopted by Koala Defi May 2021.

The story of Zenani

In late spring 2013 weather conditions in NSW were so hot, dry and windy — catastrophic bushfires broke out all up and down the east coast. One massive fire just north of Newcastle was sadly a hot spot for wildlife.

Wildlife search and rescue teams working on the Williamtown Airforce Base fires came across a tiny female joey koala who had suffered severe burns and was still alive.

The rescuers called her Zenani. Zenani went to a local veterinarian for her initial treatment and later transferred into a private home for 24-hour nursing.

Zenani was very ill for several weeks and had to undergo painful burns treatments daily. She slowly began to respond to care but was not progressing as well as expected. Zenani transferred up to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital three weeks after her initial rescue for more intensive treatment. She is now a permanent resident at the Koala Hospital.

Koala Conservation Australia Inc.

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